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In addition to achieving its annual production targets, Jwaneng Mine maintains an excellent safety record. Since 1984, the Mine has achieved one of the lowest disabling injury incident rates in Botswana...


Jwaneng Resource Expansion Project

The scope of the Jwaneng Resource Extension Project (JREP) involves the delivery of an indicated resource estimate down to 850m below surface, which will then support mining operations for the next 20 years including all key expansion activities such as the Cut 8 and Cut 9 projects.


We are committed to excellence and strive to develop our local talents with continuous training and evaluations with the goal of promoting our people internally. Our long-term goal is to hire over 90% of our workforce directly from the country in which each of our operations is located, to support the development of our host country. We actively promote gender equality and empower our female talent with the objective of accelerating individual and collective sustainable development. Mining programs are implemented on our sites to widen access to employment opportunities in the mining sector.



We are committed to sustainable development and recognize that the long-term success of our business is dependent upon good stewardship of the environment, both in terms of exploration and the extraction of mineral resources. We closely monitor and seek to continuously improve our performance in dangerous substance management, waste management, water usage, emissions, biodiversity and energy sources.

Our operations are compliant with the environmental regulations of the countries in which we operate, and our site environment teams continually strive to improve our processes and operations in pursuit of improved environmental performance and risk management.