The goal of sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present while sustaining the ability of future generations to support their needs. We strive to take a holistic view of business performance and integrate sustainability into all areas of how we operate.


Our Work Force

With over 5000 permanent employees, William Turner and Son Mining Co-operation continues to be to be one of the largest private sector employers where 35% of permanent employees are citizens of United Kingdom. ​Other administrative staff are usually spread across our locations in South Africa and Botswana


...Work Force

In addition, there are over 6000 contractors working at William Turner and Son Mining Co-operation operations. Although mining is a very technical environment, we remain, at heart, a people-based organisation. That is why the company places great value in its efforts towards the development, wellness, and safety of its employees.
William Turner and Son Mining Co-operation has trained many employees over the years and continues to do so. The company has training centres at the mines and it also funds various external training and development programmes for employees in various disciplines.​

18 inch Cutter Suction Dredger

Product Features:

1. The cutter suction dredger could be used in inland waterways, lakes, coastal areas for projects of desilting and sand dredging.
2. Customized according to dredging depth, working capacity and discharge distance.
3. The cutter suction dredger is of dismountable structure, and can be divided into mechanical type, semi-hydraulic type, all-hydraulic type according to the different operating methods.
4. Dredging pump is driven by main diesel engine placed in main central pontoon, and auxiliary engine provides power to cutter head, winches, spuds and lighting system.


Transportation Barge What is a barge?

​​​A barge is a non self-propelled flat bottom vessel used for transportation on oceans, rivers, and canals. While barges were once made of wood, today’s barges are all constructed of welded steel. They are used to transport oversize materials and machinery, grain, coal, fuel, and many other commodities. Since barges are non self-propelled, they require tugboats or towboats to be moved.

Deck barge

a deck barge is a barge with a flat deck that is used both for transportation and construction support. The flat deck is capable of holding hundreds of tons of machinery such as cranes and excavators. The deck also serves as a platform for holding oversized objects such as bridge sections for coastwise or inland transportation. The inside of the deck barge is typically empty.

Hopper barge

a hopper barge is a barge like the one described above, except without a deck. Instead, it has a large hopper, or cargo bin, for transporting bulk items such as grain, coal, paper, stone, and other materials. They are commonly used in the dredging industry for holding dredge spoils that have been dredged from the bottom of a channel.